Why do a Master in "Engineering of Photovoltaic"?

In the current phase of transition from an energy system principally based on oil and fossil fuel to an endurable energy system, the photovoltaic technology is considered the key technology for the great availability of the solar source.

The European industry connected with photovoltaic, in 2005, has grown up to 45% and the total amount of invested capital has been of 4,2 billion of Euro. Besides, the European Commission esteems show an annual growth of 26–32 % for the following 20 years.
In this way the photovoltaic turns out to be an excellent candidate to ensure the respect of European targets of 20% of renewing energy production, and 20% of CO2 emissions, because it will involve a reduction of 730 CO2 billion of tonne.
They consider that in 2020 the solar energy industry will have produced 2,25 millions of jobs, even taking solar of III generation in account.

So, a Master about photovoltaic engineering comes well up to these new demands, offering an high level formation carefully planned and particularly innovative in methods and contents, ranging over all available technologies. This Master wants to form professional characters with abilities ranging from analysis, study and design of photovoltaic systems, to management and maintenance of systems, who are even able to work in public and private sectors of research and to interact with managerial sectors of the innovation area.

Why the University of Tor Vergata?

The University of Rome “Tor Vergata” is a leading University for photovoltaic. It is the headquarter of Organic Photovoltaic Pole of Lazio, CHOSE - Center for Hybrid and Organic Solar Energy.

The Pole was born in December 2006, for Lazio Region and Department of Electronic Engineering will to create, at the University campus of Tor Vergata, a centre of excellence for the development of research and industrialization of organic and organic-inorganic hybrid technologies applied to photovoltaic cells.