Title Achievement


Attendance is compulsory for at least 85% of classes.
Getting Master Course final degree depends on the attendance check and on passing evaluation tests and final exam.

At the end of the Master Course, an University Second Level Master Degree in "Photovoltaic Engineering" will be issued to those who regularly attended classes and passed evaluation tests and final exam.

A written and/or oral exam is foreseen at the end of each course and a final exam consisting in a public dissertation of a technical thesis to which the candidate has worked during the operational activities.

The final exam must be held by the last session scheduled for the second academic year following the last enrolment year. Beyond this term the students will not graduate.

After getting Master Degree, students can ask for the degree parchment by submitting a request within a payment receipt of € 130,00 inclusive of virtual revenue stamp fee (unless any change established by the University Administrative Board).

Payment form is available on the University website www.uniroma2.it by selecting L'Amministrazione -> Ufficio Progettazione Grafica e Stampa Pergamene then printing the payment form in the section "allegati al contenuto".
Degree parchment request, payment receipt and copy of the identity card must be delivered, during the opening days, to the secretariat office "Master e e Corsi di Perfezionamento" or sent by registered mail with advice of delivery to the
Master e Corsi di Perfezionamento secretariat office
Via Orazio Raimondo 18 00173 ROMA