Admission Requirements

Applicants for this Master Course must have a Second Cycle Degree Laurea Specialistica (Italian Ministerial Decree n 509 dated November 3rd, 1999) or Laurea Magistrale (Italian Ministerial Decree n 270 dated October 22th, 2004); an italian undergraduate degree (a 4 - year bachelor degree) or other degree deemed equivalent by the Faculty Council this Master Course refers to.

This Master Course is not strictly addressed to Engineering graduates.

The Master Course has restricted enrollment and 25 candidates maximum are admitted. Participant selection will be carried out by comparative evaluation of c.v., on the basis of a list will be settled.

Enrolment of Foreign European or Non-European Community students, legally resident in Italy holding a regular residence permit for employment or study purposes, is admitted. Enrolment of foreign non-European Community students resident abroad is governed by current regulations.

In order to be admitted to the University Master Course, the evaluation of titles achieved in a foreign country, in European Union countries and Non-EU countries, and their equivalent is established by the Faculty Council on the basis of the proposal made by the Master Council that may eventually indicate the titles required in the announcement. Officially certified training and specialization activities (including teaching activities within Courses of Study), performed after achieving the study degree required by this call for applications, can be recognized by the Master Course Council. Credits useful to the Master Course completion will be assigned to such activities, reducing the formative charge of 20 credits at most.

The enrolment in the Master Course is incompatible with the concurrent enrolment in any other University courses.