Program and purposes

Master Course aims to training professionals with the following skills in the photovoltaic field, both traditional and innovative:

Thus this Master wants to give students appropriate technical, operative and cognitive instruments to gain the leading role in the new industrial framework.

The subjects proposed belongs to different scientific and technical areas (physics, chemical, engineering, economics, etc..) but each of them is fundamental and concurs to the training of the professional character object of this Master Course. A full professional training will be given in the theoretical and practical aspects, starting from photovoltaic technologies carrying on with topics related to the geopolitical strategy concerning the photovoltaic, to economic aspects and project financing.

Our target is to create a professional able to move in the new energy sceneries to exploit all the new emerging opportunities associated to the green finance world. The photovoltaic technology is the most supported by funding based on working account. With regard to this an optional section will be dedicated to the Italian Conto Energia.

A particular attention will be dedicated to training at laboratories where theoretical competences will be checked through suitable practical experiences.