Master Course in Photovoltaic Engineering

The aim of the Master Course in Photovoltaic Engineering is to answer to the request of the industrial and research world, preparing profiles able to understand and operate on the whole range of photovoltaic.

So this Master wants to give students appropriate technical, operative and cognitive instruments to gain a leading role in the new industrial framework.

This Master wants to form professional characters with abilities ranging from analysis, study and design of photovoltaic systems, to management and maintenance of systems, who are even able to work in public and private sectors of research and to interact with managerial sectors of the innovation area.

The plan of studies is therefore addressed both to the training of the neograduates in technical-scientific subjects (Specialistic degree or Old rules degree or other qualification that the Council of the department this Master refers to, will consider equivalent) and the aimed updating technician already operating in private business and public administrations.

The Master has got an international nature; it turns to both italian and foreigner students and will be entirely carried out in english.


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